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Points of View - Museum Cooperation between Uganda and Switzerland

Partnering Institutions

The project «Points of View» is a cooperation between institutions in Switzerland and Uganda: the three museums engage in joint research and exhibition curating.

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Igongo Kuh

Igongo Cultural Centre

The Igongo Cultural Centre is a private institution and is located in Mbarara in south western Uganda

Uganda Museum Aussen

Uganda National Museum

The Uganda National Museum is a parastatal institution located in the capital of Uganda in Kampala.

Völkerkunde Museum

Ethnographic Museum Zurich

The Ethnographic Museum is a unit at the University of Zurich in Switzerland

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Points of View


In every cooperation project, different points of view come together: opinions, interpretations and perspectives, which are formed through lifeworlds, socialisation and individual experiences. 


Through adopting alternative points of view, we make new discoveries and rediscover familiar phenomena differently. Thereby, new insights are generated and provide a more nuanced view of reality. Getting involved with other points of view means questioning one’s own. 


There is a vision behind our points of view concept: the exclusive interpretative authority of the European modernity perspective should be rejected and instead different perspectives and voices should coalesce. Multiperspectivity and plurivocality are required.



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